Ads and Promotions


Challenges and Aspirations:

  • I have a lucrative deal with Samsung for some sponsorship in the form of video adverts and banners but as it’s exclusive with them I can only show it to Samsung device users
  • I don’t want to show any adverts at all, in one particular geographical region
  • I’d like to show an internal advert showcasing some of the new content that is coming onto the service to just some users that are losing interest in the current content
  • I have a sponsored collection of content and want to apply the sponsor’s brand to a page that is just for that content
  • I’ve run a social media campaign and want to give anyone who responds to that campaign a relevant and unique experience when they click through to my service
  • I want to play different ads out to different market segments.

Our solutions:

You can upload your very own promotions and ads to the service without the need for a complicated and expensive ad server integration. Each video ad can be tagged with categories so you can choose where it appears. You can decide if the ad appears at the beginning of content, part way through or even at the end.

Using markets as detailed in Section 4. you can also set different video ads to just show to certain segments of your market – such as just to users on a particular device, or in a particular geographic region

You can also decide to have an intro video that plays to all users when they enter the TV app. Perhaps this tells them a little about your content if you are a new service? If you’re worried about this frustrating users – you can set it to be skippable if you want!

Our options for ad revenue don’t end there. You could configure site-wide banners which appear throughout the site or app. These can be any size you want and appear differently depending on whereabouts in the app you are. You can simply add one base image and the service will select which image best suits the purpose for each context. Each banner can be clickable (for the website) or present a scannable QR code when on big screen apps – which can take the user to an external promotional or sponsor’s site.

Similarly, you can use product labels on images or external link buttons that can be configured per product or piece of content to link to sponsors or external websites.