Business Models


Challenges and Aspirations:

  • I don’t know which business models fit with my content/audience just yet – can I decide later once I’ve launched?
  • I’d like to try PPV with my content first and then move to Subscription when I have a good number of users returning to my service on a regular basis
  • I would like to combine Subscription with PPV upsell
  • I would like to make content available for free, with advertising and then remove the advertising for subscribers
  • I would like to offer subscribers a discount on PPV purchases
  • I would like to offer free content to customers referred by a sponsor and charge others

Our solutions:

With our flexible service you can choose exactly how you’d like your users to buy and engage with the content. And you can even change your mind at a later date! It all depends on what service you’re offering and how much you need to know about your audience:

Each product can be scheduled with availability windows – so you can change what type of product the content is and if you’d like it to be bought on its own, as part of subscription, be free or be ad-funded

  • Rental/PPV (Pay-Per-View) - the consumer can purchase a rental entitlement during the availability window period. The consumer will have an access window consisting of nn number of days to start watching the product feature video, and a viewing window consisting of nn number of hours to watch it once started.
  • Subscription – the product can be made available as part of a subscription during the availability window period. Consumers can watch the feature video as part of their subscription. You will be able to define the length of the access and viewing windows.
  • Free – the consumer can watch the feature video for free during the availability window period without going through a payment process.
  • Ad-funded – the consumer can watch a feature video containing video ads for free or paid for.
  • Coming Soon – the consumer cannot access a feature video and is informed that the product is ‘coming soon’ during the availability window period. You can add a release date to inform the consumer when the product will become available to watch.