Understanding Integration with the Easel TV Platform

The Easel TV Platform is a powerful ecosystem consisting of two essential components: the Easel TV Cloud and Easel TV Client Apps. Together, they offer a robust solution for content management and e-commerce in the world of video.

Easel TV Cloud: Streamlining Content Management

At the heart of our platform lies the Easel TV Cloud, a versatile content management and e-commerce system designed specifically for video. This cloud-based solution excels in handling a multitude of data, including video metadata, mezzanine files, subtitles, and various other forms of essential information.

With the Easel TV Cloud, you can effortlessly ingest and organize this data, ensuring that your content is richly detailed and meticulously managed. This central hub becomes the control center for your video assets, streamlining your content workflow.

Easel TV Client Apps: A Seamless Viewing Experience

Complementing the Easel TV Cloud are the Easel TV Client Apps—customized applications branded to your specifications. These apps are designed to run seamlessly on a wide array of customer devices, ensuring a broad reach for your content.

The Easel TV Client Apps are tailored to deliver an immersive and consistent viewing experience across various platforms, including mobile devices, smart TVs, and more. They serve as the gateway for your audience to access and enjoy the content you've meticulously managed in the Easel TV Cloud.

In summary, integration with the Easel TV Platform offers you a holistic solution for managing, distributing, and presenting your video content. The Easel TV Cloud empowers you to handle diverse data types efficiently, while the Easel TV Client Apps ensure a cohesive and engaging experience for your viewers across a range of devices.

You have flexibility in how you administer data within the Easel TV ecosystem. You can choose to manage your data directly through the user-friendly Easel TV Dashboard or seamlessly integrate it with third-party systems, such as Content Management Systems (CMS), using our robust Dashboard API.

Integrate 3rd Party Systems with Ease

Streamlining Data Integration

When it comes to seamlessly integrating your third-party systems with the Easel TV Platform, we offer multiple pathways to efficiently handle your data:

Push: This is the preferred and quickest method to ensure that your data becomes available to your customers promptly. It boasts the advantage of minimal performance overhead on both systems. Typically, you can achieve this through webhooks or by triggering API calls from your system whenever a relevant event occurs.

Pull: Alternatively, the Easel TV Platform can proactively poll for updates and synchronize content on a predefined schedule, keeping your data fresh.

Manual: For added flexibility, you can manually upload exports from your third-party systems directly into the Easel TV Dashboard.

It's essential to note that the Easel TV Platform offers a robust suite of scheduling tools, allowing you to push data as soon as it becomes available and control when it goes live for your customers.

Simplifying Data Transformation

Data transformation challenges often arise during system integrations, where data must be adapted to match the format expected by the destination system. With Easel TV Bridges, this complexity is eliminated. You no longer need to worry about modifying your system's output to align with Easel TV Dashboard APIs. If you already have a method to extract data from your system, Easel TV Bridges can seamlessly accept data in that existing format. These bridges are user-friendly and straightforward to create, enabling you to complete integrations in hours rather than months. Even better, no programming expertise is required, eliminating the need for a dedicated team of developers. Moreover, Easel TV Bridges have undergone rigorous testing, reducing the need for an extensive quality assurance process for custom integrations.

Data Enrichment with eAI

Unlock the power of data enrichment with the Easel TV Platform's advanced computational AI (eAI). Leverage the data you introduce into the system, and let eAI work its magic by enhancing it with additional details such as concise descriptions or comprehensive cast lists. This feature adds depth and context to your content, making it even more engaging and informative for your audience.