Menu Editor

The menu editor allows you control what appears in your menu and in what order.

The Menu Editor is accessible in the main menu on the left:

In the Menu Editor, there are four different menu types to edit:

1. Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu is a collection of pages which enables customers to navigate from one page to another, including a home page.

2. Call To Action menu

The Call To Action menu allows you to provide additional links separate to the Navigation Menu. This menu is intended to bring customers' attention to special links, such as 'Subscribe', 'Create Account' etc. The choice is yours.

3. Logged in Settings Menu

This is the setting menu which is seen by the customer when they are signed in. By default, it will include the 'Account Details' and 'Sign-out' links.

4. Logged Out Settings Menu

This is the settings menu which is seen by the customer when they are signed out.

Editing the menus

Each menu type is managed using the same methods. Pages can be added to the menu in a number of ways:

Drag and Drop

Expand a menu type, then open the Content menu and click Pages to expand. Grab a page of your choice and drag if over to the expanded menu type on the right. If you already have existing items in the menu, drop the page between the existing menu items in the position you would like it to appear in the Navigation Menu. The menu label will be named after name of the page.


You can drag and drop existing pages in the menu into any order you like

Add new link

Click + Add new link to create a new link in the Navigation Menu.

The link will appear ready to be configured.


The label is the text which will appears in the menu and can be edited to whatever you like.

Open in new tab

For the consumer website only. Configure whether the linked destination will open in the same tab/window or a new tab/window.

Link Type

Select from the drop down menu:

  1. Internal link: An page within your service. To link to a page, drag and drop a page from the Content / Pages menu onto the Internal Link drop zone.
  2. External link: Link to an external destination. Enter a target URL in the External Link Address text field.
  3. System Link: Link to one of our system pages, i.e. Login, Registration etc.

Remove link

Hovering your mouse over a menu item will display the remove button. Click it to remove the item.


In principle, there is not limit to the number of items you can add to the Navigation Menu. However, if you are using the Apple TV app, it currently has a limit of 5 menu items.