Simplifying Payments

Managing payments for your apps is a seamless process with Easel TV. We want to ensure that you receive your hard-earned revenue effortlessly. Here's how we handle payments:

App Store Payments: Payments made through your apps will be directed to the account you maintain with the app store provider. This ensures that you have full control over your earnings and transactions within the app store ecosystem.

Web Payments: For web-based payments and clients on app stores lacking built-in payment systems, we rely on Stripe—a secure and trusted payment processing platform. To get started, you'll need to create your own Stripe account. This account can then be easily connected to our Stripe account, enabling us to efficiently process payments on your behalf.

TV Payment: In cases where TVs lack their own native payment system, we've got you covered. We facilitate payments by displaying a QR code and a link to a payment microsite where the transaction is then securely handled by Stripe. This user-friendly approach allows customers to complete payments conveniently, ensuring a seamless payment experience.

Our aim is to simplify the payment process for you, ensuring that you receive your payments promptly and securely. With Stripe integration and our dedicated support, you can focus on your app's success while we handle the financial aspects seamlessly.