Menu and App Structure


Challenges and aspirations

  • I have a new set of content that I’d really like to promote to my users – but haven’t quite decided what structure and hierarchy works best. I think I’d find it easier to play around with the layout once I have my content visible in the app
  • I’ve recently commissioned new artwork for my content, but the dimensions are different, so I need to do some restructuring – I hope this isn’t going to be really extensive or expensive
  • I need a new page in the app to promote a festival, but it only needs to feature for the duration of the event and then come off immediately. How can I do this without having to do new app submissions and therefore maybe wait weeks for the new apps to be released?
  • I’d like to have an Apple- sponsored collection that appears only to users on Apple TV
  • Every time I want to change one thing on my current TV app I get charged by my supplier – so I end up just keeping it as it is and not giving my users the best user experience
  • I’ve created a new social media presence – how do I add this into the website?
  • I’d like to let some content start to play so that my audience can get a taster of what’s available without having to browse themselves
  • I’d like to give different segments of my customer base a different experience; not just changing the colours and brand - perhaps a different menu and page structure, to make their experience more relevant to them.

Our solutions:

The apps and website content can be endlessly configured into whichever view you would like, with swimlanes, grids and carousels. And don’t feel you are constrained by size or shape. G, go on, make that Carousel bigger, and why not round off the corners, centre it….ah that looks better! You can change this as frequently as you feel appropriate in order to keep the apps fresh, and your audience engaged. If you commission some new poster images, you can bring these into the app and change the structure in order to best show those off. Again, no need for new submissions or to involve 3rd parties at all!

Do you want to add a new section to the apps? – that’s easy as well – just add it as a new page and menu item and it will appear immediately across the whole service. You can schedule these to appear using availability windows – so you have plenty of time to plan changes in advance and don’t have to be working at 9pm on a Saturday night to push things live. Schedule it to be removed in just the same way – set it up in advance, then sit back and enjoy the festival yourself.

Your collections don’t just have to be made up of products; you can include other collections and create a hierarchy of nested collections. Choose the structure that best suits your content and your audience.

Footers are flexible too – you can have as many of your social media platforms on there as your heart desires, plus a multitude of privacy, terms and cookie links. The colours of the footer follow the theme – so you don’t need to even worry about how it will look.

Showcase a new sponsored collection by adding it into the main menu or having it appear as a swimlane or carousel on your homepage. You can also link to it using a number of promotional in app features – video ads/promotions (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll), banners, labels – your users won’t be able to miss it – therefore even greater value to your sponsors or perhaps ad revenue for you!

You can set up video carousels where the content trailers auto-play and move through each piece of content in the collection. This is a great way to give your audience a taster of what’s available – especially if you’ve pulled together a playlist of your very best and most popular content into a featured collection.

Using our Markets functionality, you can vary the app structure for different market segments of your customer base. Add pages or page elements (swimlanes, grids, carousels or banners) for specific markets. A page just for subscribers, just for Apple TV devices or just for a particular region perhaps.