App Store Developer Accounts

Developer Accounts Management

At Easel TV, we take the hassle out of app store management by offering comprehensive support for your developer accounts; leveraging our extensive experience and established relationships with device manufacturers, Whether you need us to submit apps on your behalf or require the apps themselves for uploading to your account, we've got you covered.

Here's what you need to know about our developer account services:

Account Creation and Maintenance: We handle the creation and ongoing management of accounts with various third-party app stores. This ensures that your apps have a presence on the most popular platforms without the administrative overhead.

App Submission: With your permission, we can take care of the entire app submission process on your behalf. This includes helping prepare the necessary materials, adhering to store guidelines, and submitting your apps for review. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient submission process.

App Provisioning: Alternatively, we can provide you with the fully prepared app packages. You can then upload these apps to your developer account at your convenience. This option offers flexibility and control over your app submission timeline.

By entrusting us with your developer account management, you can focus on your content while we handle the intricacies of app store interactions. Whether you prefer us to submit apps on your behalf or provide you with app packages, our goal is to streamline the process and maximise your app's visibility and success.