A product is what end users or customers might buy, rent or view. It will typically be a movie, a TV episode, a live event or a TV channel though it could be any element that is promoted in its own right. A product contains the metadata about a video and links to a playable video stream. Products can be scheduled to appear at different times to different segments of customers at different prices and in different business models. They can be organised into groups using categories and Collections.

The metadata on a product includes a number of fields like origin (year & country) to parental guidance as well as images.

As a foundational object of the system they link to many other objects:

Categories - products can be categorised into many categories, which allows improved discoverability and filtering using dynamic Collections

Contributors - can be attached to products in different roles to make either them or the products more discoverable

Media - either live (Live Media) or uploaded video VoD Media) can be attached to products as trailers or features

Collections - allows products to be curated into lists and ordered

Availability Windows - products can be made available in different payment models, at different prices, at different times and to different customer segments through the use of Availability Windows