Samsung Tizen submission

Review times

We expect the Samsung review to take in the region of 4-8 weeks


Summary of Required Imagery

Logo Image1920x1080PNGYes
Background Image1920x1080PNGNo
Full colour asset1:1JPEGNo
Full colour asset512x423PNGNo

Logo Image with Transparency

The App Icon appears within a row of other app icons in the Samsung TV user interface. And requires a transparent logo image and a background image that compiles into the "Final Composition"

  • 1920x1080 (or 16:9)

Full colour asset Images

  • 1024x500
  • 1:1

The main image should be located in the centre of the application icon layout and should be no larger than 512 x 423 pixels. To make the main image distinct and attractive, use a simple, unique image and leave space around it.