Creating an API key allows you to make API requests to our service. You'll need to include this API Key in your request to authenticate yourself, confirming you have permission to access data and perform operations.

  1. Select Global from the main menu on the left, then open API Keys
  2. Click the + icon to create a new API key
  3. Enter a name in the subsequent dialogue box and click Create
  4. Your API key has now been created and can be copied to be used in your requests.


Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe: Never expose your API Key in client-side code or public repositories.


Delete: If you think your API Key has been compromised, disable it immediately. Delete the key and create a new one.


To access our API, you'll need to include the api-key header in your HTTP requests with your API key as the header value. Additionally, you must set the tenant header to your Tenant ID.

For more information on using the API see our API Documentation.