Challenges and Aspirations

  • My app is out of date as soon as it gets launched onto the AppStore
  • My app needs constant app updates and some of my users don’t have auto-update enabled
  • My brand has changed and it’s going to cost more money just to get a new logo and change any colours in my suite of apps
  • There has been a worldwide event and I’d like to pay my respects by darkening the colours of my app
  • I’d like my app to feel fresh and reflect events, from seasons to rebrands,
  • I’d like to give different segments of my customer base a different experience, perhaps even a different brand, to make their experience more relevant to them

Our solutions:

No longer do you need expensive rebranding projects across your suite of apps. You can add in your logo simply by dragging it into the dashboard – and change it as often as you like! All changes filter into all our live apps immediately.

And colours? Sure. Our themes allow you to simply set your three primary colours and watch as the apps do the rest. This is all you need to do on our intuitive dashboard to create a website and apps that match your brand colours – no further tweaking required. Of course – if you’d like to do more you can. Want to make the buttons pop? Prefer a lighter menu? You have full control of everything – you can customise it as much as you like.

You’re able to have multiple colour themes set up in the dashboard that you can switch to at any time – for example if you wanted more wintery colours or ones that match the festival that your content is going to be centred around. And you can schedule them to go live whenever you need, and then tell the service to switch back to the regular theme whenever you desire. Need to quickly change your colour scheme theme to respect a national or global news event? – no problem!

Link different Themes to each market segment of your customer base so that you can vary the colours and branding according to the rules set up for customer segmentation. A different theme for subscribers, for specific devices, for regional variation or for sponsors’ customers. There is more on the magic and power of how Markets can help you, later in this document.